Kingston Dining

When I first saw this table in the High Point showroom last fall, I was very pleased with the sample from the factory. The dusty black tone was going to be a great addition to our dining room. The room was recently updated with ship lap that we had painted white over a rain-soaked February weekend as it’s backdrop.
The new server is feature filled as well. I was planning to have our growing family on the holidays. When the holidays more because I was so pleased with how the room had come together. The convenience of a drawer or two in the table for the things I was always running back to the kitchen to get, another serving spoon, a pie server, a corkscrew or more napkins. The pull-out trays and wine rack had me excited to enjoy these social gatherings in the company of friends and family with everything at our fingertips.
As we moved forward with the new collection it was transferred to Las Vegas for the Winter Market 2020. Sitting right up in the front of the showroom so prominently behind that huge glass facade it was getting a lot of attention. Studio photography was booked, and catalogs were created.
And so that new table has found a whole new purpose. With drawers on the table and server with the pull-out trays, form and function, are joined. Somebody is even talking about adding some more features to help with the conversion. A power strip with USB charging inside the drawer or hidden under the table. And an organizer for all the useful things that have found their way into the new drawers.
Not only beautiful but an interesting fact about the Kingston collection is that it is constructed from solid Para (rubber tree) Hevea brasiliensis. Para is sustainably grown on plantations where they trees are tapped for their sap much like a maple tree is for the sugary syrup we love to put on our foods. Para trees produce latex which is used to make rubber. That is where the rubberwood name comes from.
Here it is August and all I am thinking about is November and seeing everyone together around this table.