Child Safety


Knowing the proper way to secure your furniture to make sure your little ones are safe is very important.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following safety tips to help prevent tip-over furniture accidents in your home.

Anchor it and Use Restraints


Always use furniture for its intended purpose and never let children hang on drawers or climb on furniture.

Always remember when purchasing furniture, to be sure that it meets the requirements of the current ASTM International Standards. You can do this by checking the labels and asking your retailer.

When shopping for new furniture, make sure that the company you are buying from is compliant with the most up to date requirements from ASTM F2057

In compliance to ASTM F2057, all furniture must pass an anti-tipping test of at least 50 lbs.


At A-America, we make sure to test our furniture with at least 60lbs of weight before it ever leaves our facility. In all of our case pieces you will find a warning label that resembles the one pictured below, and an anti-tip hardware kit attached to the unit.


Follow these additional measures to prevent tip-over accidents in your home:

  • Place the heaviest items in the lowest drawers of storage units such as dressers or chests.
  • Do not place a TV on anything that is not specifically made to hold electronics.
  • Never allow children to hang on drawers, doors, cabinets, or shelves of furniture.
  • Never open more than one drawer at a time.
  • Remove anything that will cause a temptation to climb. Keep remotes, toys and other enticing things off of the top of furniture.
  • Always place TVs on sturdy low bases.
  • ALWAYS anchor your furniture and TV.