About the Wood

A-America, Inc. has been involved in the furniture making process for over 50 years. The company is well known throughout the U.S. for it’s solid wood construction.

At A-America we strive to build our products from the finest sources of solid wood materials.  Structure and sound construction practices may require that we use engineered wood materials for specific applications.  For example, the side and back panels of our case pieces often employ veneer and plywood construction.  Veneer enables the beauty of the wood to be displayed and the cross banding of plywood makes for an incredibly stable material even under large swings in relative humidity.  This ensures that case pieces remain square, functional, and beautiful for generations.

The use of plywood, MDF and particle board substrates are sometimes used in our products instead of a solid wood substrate.

The finishing process on some of A-America’s products can be up to 24 steps. This is where a piece of furniture has to go through 24 different steps which includes sanding, hand rubbing, staining and filling the grain. These steps create a top quality, very smooth to the touch, type of finish. This type of finish is on almost all of A-America’s better bedroom and formal dining room collections.

When the company determines what type of wood is needed for a specific product, it will make sure the correct quality is used. This can include American Cherry, New Zealand Pine, American Red and White Oak, U.S. Northwest Alder, Pacific Coast Maple, Solid Mahogany, U.S Solid Hickory and many different Asian Hardwoods.

In the manufacturing process, A-America has quality control people that monitor each step. All A-America products are warranted against manufacturing and material defects for 1 full year.